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Are You Tired?

What a year. I don’t know about you but I feel tired. Like, lie in the lounge in my pyjamas tired. Like, it is sunny outside and the beach is down the road but I just wanna lie inside and watch Netflix like it’s the first week of lockdown tired.

Now that may sound very lazy but it has been a long and busy year and we accomplished a lot this year. I am sure you feel that way too. Even with the pandemic raging, the demands of work have slowly increased and at the same time, it feels like you end up spending more each month at the shops just to buy what you did last month.

This year…what a year

Now if you are like me, you probably enjoy dipping your toes into a little news every day. Sadly this year the good news stories have been few and far between. I am glad they found that little girl who went missing in Australia and I am glad some of those desperate people made it out of Afghanistan on that last flight but overall it has not been a great year for news…unless you like volcanoes or are watching vaccination figures. In that case, it has been impressive to see what can be done when there is a financial incentive to deal with a problem and the problem is immediately obvious. Not so much if the problem is a slow warming of the planet that will destroy life for your kids. Then the results are a little less than impressive.

‘This issue we have a look at some of the stand out events of the year’

This issue we have a look at some of the stand out events of the year and what they teach us about ourselves and the world we live in. Now it is impossible to cover every story from all over the planet (and beyond) but we have picked out some highlights and lowlights for you. They are sure to bring a smile to your face or maybe a tear to your eye.

We hope that the year has been kind to you. Even if it wasn’t, it has come to an end now and you can put it behind you. For some that will mean a few days off relaxing and maybe enjoying the outdoors or maybe fixing that cupboard door in the kitchen, you just have not got to. For others, like me, it will mean turning the phone off and ignoring your family and friends for a few days. Hey, don’t judge me. It will just be for a day or two and then I will Zoom with them again I promise. So, find whatever it is that you need to do to recharge because 2021 is done and you survived it.

‘2021 is done and you survived it’

Hopefully, 2022 will be the year that your plans come together and you are able to make large strides towards becoming totally debt free.





This article first appeared in Debtfree Magazine issue 12 of 2021