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There is something exciting about getting a new haircut or a pair of new shoes. Somehow it makes you walk taller, feel lighter and makes the world seem full of possibility. It puts a real spring in your step.

‘It puts a real spring in your step’

It might be a small change and the feeling may only last a little while but it in that moment it can make you feel (and hopefully look) great.

The Debtfree team have that feeling this month as we launch our updated look and feel for the website and magazine. The idea is to bring the reading experience closer together than ever before and give our readers as many options on how to gain access to the magazine content as possible.

As such, as you go through the magazine this month you may note a few small changes here and there. Nothing crazy, just a fresh look and some minor adjustments. Hopefully, they make your reading experience better, particularly if you are on mobile. Easier to read, easier to navigate, easier on the eyes.

‘Crazy to think that we are now talking about the end of the year’

Be sure to check out the article about getting ready for the December/Jan end of year. Crazy to think that we are now talking about the end of the year, I know. But we have to. It can sneak up on you and if you are not prepared it is a time that can pose serious financial risks. Risks that might even see you bomb out of debt review or miss important debt repayment obligations. A little advance thought and planning now will really help so, check out the tips and suggestions in this issue.

We also get to do a bit of a deeper dive into the fun and results of this year’s Annual Debt Review Awards. Well done to all 50 of the Debt Counsellors identified and all the hard working credit providers who make it possible for hundreds of thousands of consumers to live a decent life while settling their debts. These hard working people are often hidden from view and it is great to see you thrown into the spotlight and recognised for your efforts.

Besides that, we have some news, reviews, interviews and more. All of which is designed to help you get through this month and then, the next and the next until you can have that fresh and amazing ‘spring in your step’ feeling when you are finally debt free.