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Debtfree Magazine – Jan 2019 Editor’s Note

January is much like the first day of annual leave, it holds so much potential. At the start of the year, you imagine all the ways your life is going to change and improve over last year, this is YOUR year!

Then, as January goes by, you stare at your shrinking bank balance and slowly emptying wallet, you begin to take strain. Eating healthy is often more expensive; going to gym requires a contract and time (and some sweat). Giving up those bad habits is a great idea, but it can leave you more stressed than normal and that starts to negatively affect your interaction with the people around you. The longer the month drags on, the harder it gets, and it is only January! There are still 11 months left. You begin to wonder if 2019 is really going to be the year you achieve your goals.

Don’t be too hasty to abandon your goals.  In our January issue, we discuss not only the best kind of goals to set for yourself, but also why 2019 IS going to be a great year for you, especially compared to your peers. You might not be having the total “Jol” you imagined, but let us assure you, nobody is. As you will see in this issue, being under debt review can make all the difference, if one of your goals is becoming debt free.

We also catch up on some industry related news, information on what the debt counselling associations are all up to, as well as featuring some tips and advice. Be sure to check out our Mythbusting article all about your credit score and credit bureau report.

We also look at ways to boost not only your Google web ranking but also consumer confidence in your website. Don’t worry we don’t get too technical, because we don’t understand all the technical stuff too, but it will guide you in dealing with your IT guys in improving things.

After the New Year ‘glow’ wears off and you return to the normal drudgery of daily routine, it can be tough to stay motivated. This is because results take time, and most of us are easily distracted, easily bored. We find it hard to maintain that clear vision we had at the start of the year. The ability to push through the rest of the year, day by day, month by month is what will see you make a success (or not) of the year.

So, keep on making those monthly debt repayments, chipping away at your debts, keep checking your PDA statements to see how you are doing and you will keep moving forward towards your financial goal of becoming debt free.





This article is taken from the January 2019 issue of Debtfree Magazine (available to read online for free soon)