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Editor's Note

Well, after a nice break we have started the year strong.

The team here at Debtfree have thrown themselves into all the projects we have planned for this year. It’s great to make plans and then start to work on them straight away.

This year, we intend to bring you more content than ever before, across more platforms than ever before, and more regularly than ever before. We are excited about that. We hope that it will be even more helpful to you than ever before, as you navigate the months ahead.

Let’s be honest, the months ahead may present challenges. We may see volatility in the US Stock Markets which could have a knock-on effect elsewhere. We may see further conflicts in the Middle East, Europe or Asia. We certainly will see more political manoeuvring locally, but you should not let that stress you out and cause you to doubt your plans.

After all, if you can follow through on your plans during the tough times, think how you will take off and succeed when things get easier in the future. So, if you are holding back because of unknown future obstacles, don’t!

If you have been trying to deal with runaway debt on your own, and have made little progress, then we urge you, speak to a professional and get help, do it and do it soon. Debt tends to get worse the longer you leave it.

“Every step in the right direction is a mini victory”

Every step in the right direction is a mini victory. Surely, it is better to be making progress in the general direction of your goal than doing nothing about it at all. Even if you take 99 steps towards your goal and don’t get to take that final step this year… well, you will have made reaching your goal so much easier in the future.

Focus on what you can control, and keep taking steps in a positive direction. Who knows, if you take enough of these steps, you may turn around later in the year and see that you have made more progress than you could have imagined.

Progress can sneak up on you. If you need to make 60 payments to get out of debt, then make the first 12 this year, that moves you considerably closer.

If you need to make 48 payments, make the next 12.  Stick to the plan, and keep making progress.

Only 24 payments to go? Amazing!!! Make the next 12 payments and then after a few more months you will look back and before you know it, you will have reached your destination to become totally debt free.