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Editor's Note

I recently saw a funny meme that said that Medieval peasants worked only about 150 days a year due to the fact that those in authority thought it was important to keep people happy with frequent holidays.

The meme concludes that we have less holidays nowadays than medieval peasants.

Ouch, that stings.

In This Issue

Maybe they knew a thing or two about keeping your workers rested and in a good mental frame of mind back then. Or maybe it’s just a joke.

True or not, that does highlight how we are all feeling a bit burnt out and tired these days. It’s a relief to enjoy some public holidays at this time of year and to try and catch our breath (or to work and get that sweet, sweet double pay).

The pressure is on and you might be struggling to make ends meet and to still make your debt repayments. For those in debt review such regular monthly payments are vital to success. Missing a payment unleashes a whirlwind of chaos and hard times. So, we discuss what happens if you do miss a payment. What can you expect? How bad is it going to be? Read and find out (but as a hint: it’s not good).

‘we discuss what happens if you do miss a payment’

Unfortunately, this time of the year is time where many people do seem to struggle to make their debt repayments. It has something of a bad reputation in the industry. Let’s hope that you are able to stick to your debt repayment plan and keep things on track for success.

One way to weather tricky months is to set something aside for a rainy day. Admittedly, this is kind of difficult so we have rounded up a few top savings tips and tricks that can see you add a few rand to your stash and hopefully reach for it when needed. If you don’t have any savings right now then be sure to check out this article. You need to be saving something for the unexpected (not that you can expect the unexpected since then it would be the expected, but you know what we mean). Why not try one or more of the suggestions and try set something aside for when it is needed?

We also have news, reviews, updates and more. Take a few minutes to read through the issue and you will undoubtedly be smarter and better informed than a medieval peasant.

Better Off Than a Peasant?

We hope that the month has both given you a chance to take a few days to recharge and yet still keep to your budget and plans for getting out of debt.

After all, those medieval peasants may have had lots of time off but the medical care at the time was notoriously terrible and they never even had access to hilarious memes on Insta. And not just memes… they never had access to the debt review process either. So, who knows how they ever got debt free?

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