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Editor's Note

In 2008, Jim Carrey featured in a film called: Yes Man. 

The movie was based on a book about a man who must say yes to everything set before him for the next 6 months. And so, the adventures begin. From bungie jumping to run ins with the FBI, the story is silly but funny. What a great concept.

But maybe it has been a while since you felt that you could say yes to anything. Maybe life has knocked you down so many times and tried to keep you down that you have had to say no to a lot of things.

Have you had enough of saying: No?

No to your kids?

No to your friends?

No to opportunities and fun?

No to life?

If you are tired of all the Nos in your life then its time for Yes.

This issue we delve into how debt review can help you adopt a yes mentality. How it can change your financial situation so much that you are finally able to say yes.

Of course, saying yes should also come with its limits. Jim Carrey broke 3 ribs during filming because he started saying yes to doing his own stunts (best left to Jackie Chan perhaps?). We take a look at how debt review changes lives for the best without the pain.

We also catch up on local and international finance news, get some advice on what to do if you need a little extra cash each month (inflation is a thing after all) and whether debt review means no more problems ever (Hint: it doesn’t).

So, if you have been feeling a bit overwhelmed we hope this issue helps you think about your situation in a more positive way, we hope it keeps you motivated, we hope it equips you for when things get a bit tricky. Ultimately, we hope it helps you get debt free.