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Editor's Note

Everyone has debt but few of us like to talk about it. It is almost as if it is a bad thing or something.

It is interesting that in English we use two words to refer to the same thing, namely: “credit” and “debt”.

One we all want and the other we all don’t want. Which is made all the stranger by the fact that we are actually just talking about the same thing.

Debt can destroy lives, can stress you out, it can break families and relationships and can even make you physically ill. So, yes. Debt is often a bad word.

The question is: what can you do about it?

These days we are all finding ourselves squeezed from every side and accessing credit has become a lifeline for many who are struggling to make ends meet. But even as we use that lifeline it can start to feel more and more like a noose that begins to squeeze us more and more.

This month we join others in talking about debt awareness and the options you have for dealing with your debt. If debt is the bad news then the fact that you have many options for dealing with your debt is the good news.

If you are a parent then that good news may involve school fees. Did you know you can apply for some relief? Check out the article in this issue about how you might do that.

‘If you don’t like having debt then now is the time to start to do something about it’

If you don’t like having debt then now is the time to start to do something about it. Why wait? Take some action today.

That may simply be tracking what you are spending each month (which can be surprisingly powerful) or talking openly with your family about your debt situation.  If things are really bad then get help and please do it sooner rather than later. The longer you wait the harder it gets to sort your situation out.

If you have already decided to deal with your debt via debt review then we also urge you to be open with your household and work together as a unit to get out of debt. Try out some of the tips in this issue that may support you as you work on your goal of getting out of debt.

After all, regardless what word we use for it no one wants to be in debt…but everyone wants to be debt free.