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Editor's Note

I read the other day, that NASA are concerned about the ‘El Nino’ weather pattern will have a massive effect on global weather, and how this might interact with global climate change.

They are saying that 2023 might be the most important year for human survival, what a weird and crazy thought. We are already seeing massive flooding in New Zealand and other issues that are equally troubling.

‘They are saying that 2023 might be the most important year for human survival’

Still, it can be difficult to focus on global issues, when back home more immediate matters demand our attention. Inflation, rising petrol costs and rate hikes are leaving our purses and wallets feeling awfully light.  I suppose we have to mention load-shedding, which has been going on since 2007, but is probably worse now, more than ever before (it’s hard to worry about global issues when you are sitting in your business with no lights and no clients).

At the start of this year, many financially strained consumers resolved to finally fix their debt situation. For those who are serious about doing it, other questions follow:

Who can help me?

What options do I have?

Where can I find a “good” Debt Counsellor?

This is a topic we look at extensively in this issue. There are some obvious things that can quickly help you make better choices.

For Debt Counsellors, we look at the other side of the coin: Where can you find good clients? This is an age old industry question and there are some options out there. Is there a golden bullet for 2023 to ensure sustainability?

If you have already taken steps to get your finances under control, then you may enjoy our article focused on not working (and by that we mean how to get the most out of your leave for 2023).

‘What if this is the most important year of your life?’

But pause for a moment and ask yourself: What if this is the most important year of your life? What if this is the year that shapes your entire future?

In that is true, how should that effect your decision over these 12 months?

Here’s hoping that among the many important things you accomplish this year, one of them will be to get a firm hold on your finances and debt. There is no time like the present. We hope that you will successfully take whatever steps are needed to help you become totally debt free.

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