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Editor's Note

Is paying your debt off a deeply entrenched habit?

It can be hard to become so focused that nothing can get between you and settling your debts. It can take you time to find your debt review rhythm. It takes time to become so focused.

Every now and then I personally decide to” get healthier” and try get back into the routine of daily exercise. But the best laid plans can be derailed if we do not allow a new way of things to become a deep, lasting part of who we are and what we do.

So, how can you adopt new lasting habits? In this issue we look into this topic with debt review as our example. The tips in this issue will naturally help you with other good habits but learning to live on less and focus on paying off debt takes time and so we drill down into how debt review can become a lasting habit.

 If you recently began debt review the tips will help you a lot and may protect you through one of the most dangerous times for consumers in debt review: the end of the year.

‘You see, Debt Counsellors do not like the end of the year at all’

You see, Debt Counsellors do not like the end of the year at all. Sure, we all start to think about how we will take a holiday and how a little down time will help revitalise us for the year ahead and that’s good. But we worry.

We worry that our clients, who we really want to see succeed, might fall off the band wagon this year. And we know that to fall out of the debt review process can set our clients back massively. Sticking with the process and making those monthly repayments is vital and if a client bombs out over the end of the year it is often because they were not determined enough or not planning ahead.

So, Debt Counsellors try to encourage our clients to plan well for the end of the year. We try to get our clients to stay focused on getting out of debt and not get carried away over the year end. We worry, and we try.

One thing you can do to help, is shift your debt repayment date to line up with when you will be paid. This helps remove temptation and increases your chances of success. If you have been in debt review for a while you will know this can help.

Another thing that can help is to approach the year end with purpose. Planning ahead for how you can have a little year end fun without breaking the bank makes a big difference (check out the tips in this issue).

We have plenty good news, reviews, tips and more all designed to help you get through what lies ahead as the end of the year approaches. All so, you can stress less and get the rest you deserve.

So, stick with your good habit of paying off your debt this year end and it will lead to better things ahead. After all, you know what else you also deserve? To live your best life and be totally debt free.