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Financial Goals for 2014

Debtfree LIVING on LESS continues our look at plans you can make for 2014 on how to reduce both your costs and debt.

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Want it? Can you wait?

One excellent financial trick is to institute a waiting period for any purchase. We are not talking about whether to buy that bread or Oros today but rather slightly more pricey items or services. With such a purchase it is often wise to set an amount of time that must pass from when you decide this is the best deal or price and that you want the item or service and when you actually go and buy it. For example, you might set a waiting period of 48 hours. This allows you to properly assess whether you actually need the item or not. It allows that feeling of impulse to wear off and time for the analytical side of your brain to do it’s work.

waiting watch


This should be done in conjunction with comparing prices elsewhere on the same product or service. Have you ever bought that thing only to see it in another shop 2 days later for half the price? Well now you can avoid that by not only shopping around but instituting a waiting period before making the purchase.




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