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FNB Debt Review moves offices

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FNB’s Debt Review Centre is in the process of moving offices. If you remember the chaos that ensued last time you had to move home or office you will understand if there is some disruption.  FNB themselves have warned that there may be some “unforeseen delays in responding to emails“. They say they hope that does not happen but it is realistic to expect some delays during the move.

Should you need to reach FNB Debt Review urgently contact them on 086 036 2002.


FNB Debt Review’s new address is:

FNB Towers

8th Floor

27 Diagonal Street



21 comments on “FNB Debt Review are moving

  1. 40000******* JGH Taljaard I’d 59************
    Afternoon I am under dept counselling and according to information the above account are being paid up and I also had paid extra amounts into the said account. I would like you to close this account and to refund me for any overpaid monies I was never informed that the account has being paid up. Monies due to me can be paid into my absa bank account 92******* JGH Taljaard
    2.) The same with account number 40000**********
    Also supply me with a letter stating that these accounts had being settled and close
    JGH Taljaard

    • It seems that you need to discuss this matter with FNB or your Debt Counsellor directly. Many creditors contact details can be found in the Directory Services section of the magazine.

  2. Good Day,

    Could you please help? I would like to go off debt review but because I have been on for a few years. I would like to know what will happen to the areas would the total be divided and ad into my monthly installment? Could you please let me know?

    • Natalie,
      You will need to talk to your Debt Counsellor directly about that as they will know you account status and what your court order says.

      Please be aware that the NCA does not actually make allowance for ending debt review early though most DC and credit providers are happy to come to some sort of arrangement.
      it is VERY important that you do not simply stop paying…this can cause a lot of trouble.
      Talk to your DC about it for more info.

  3. As of the 02/08/2013, i have been placed under debt review and relevant documention (17.1) was forwarded to you relating department.
    With this being said, there was an attempt to debit my bank account with the installment on 26/08/2013.

    Please advise why this is so?

    Kyle Jacobs
    074 xxx xxxx

    • Hi Kyle,
      You will need to talk to FNB directly about this.

      It is still quite common, it involves the banks sophisticated systems actually not been that sophisticated in some regards.

      Which is why most DCs still recommend that consumers move their money (pay each month etc) to a bank not involved in their debt review (to a cheap savings account).

  4. Good day. Iam trying to phone your debtreview dept, but the number doesnt even ring. I need to get bank statements. From 2007 till now. My ID nr70xxxxxxxxxx.
    Kind Regards
    Rudolf Viljoen

    • Hi Rudolf,
      You will need to contact FNB directly for this sort of info.
      You can go into any branch and request this info. Be warned you may have to pay for older statements. (Which is why it is always good to keep your statements in a file somewhere or nowadays get it mailed to you and back it up somewhere)

      It might be best to work through your Debt Counsellor on this one. Why not call them and ask if they can give you the number of a contact person at FNB?

      • Good day,

        I want to fo under debt review, however have no idee who to trust and who to contact. Can you please help


        • Hi Johanette,
          Choosing a Debt COunsellor can be tricky.
          Here are some things to guide you:

          1) Do they have a sticker at their office from the NCR?
          2) Do they have a certificate from the NCR on their wall?
          3) Do they use a Payment Distribution Agency(PDA) ?
          4) Do they use a firm of Attorneys to help with the court stuff or are they able to do all that themselves?
          5) If they ask for money up front (other than maybe the R50 application fee – which is fine) then do not use their services. They should receive payment via the PDA at the end of the first month.
          6) Do they have a website and social media pages?

          These are some things to look for. There are other things as well like….do you like them?

    • It is probably better to do this through your debt counsellor to make sure you don’t end up paying too much. This can happen very easily as some creditor systems have not been adjusted to your court order.

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