FNB Debt Review Teambuilding (28/03/18)

FNB Debt Review Department Unavailable on 28th March

Team building is a great way to improve morale and productivity among staff members. This is what FRB Debt Review Centre has in mind for Wednesday 28th of March 2018. The team will be heading out for some trust falls and whatnot as they look to improve their offerings to debt counsellors.

As a result of the teambuilding day, the office will not be able to handle the usual workload and if you call in you may only get to leave a message for the team (which they will prioritise when they return the following morning).

Things will be back to normal on the 29th and if you have any urgent matters you are able to use the escalation processes detailed at the back of each issue of Debtfree magazine in the Service Directory Section to make contact with one of the senior team regarding these matters.FNB logo



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