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Firstrand Bank (FNB) and Slipstream Solutions have announced that FNB is leading the way by onboarding onto the Switch platform.

What this means is that all FNB debt review matters are now going to be routed via the Switch platform. 

Practically, this means no more need for countless back and forth emails of PDFs with passwords and codes. It also means less room for potential errors, as well as confidence that you are dealing with the correct consumer’s matter.

‘Debt Counsellors are very familiar with the Switch Platform’

Many Debt Counsellors are very familiar with the Switch Platform which has been used by Consumer Friend for its debt review matters for the past 3 years.

Use of Switch is seen by many Debt Counsellors as a positive move towards reduced workload, faster turnaround times, compliance with data protection laws and increased accuracy. It is exciting to see the system now being adopted by such a big industry role player.

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