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Free Legal Resource – Latest Legislation

The University of Pretoria working along with legal firms such as Webber Wentzel, Werksmans, Adams & Adams and the SA Institute of Chartered Accountants have a fantastic legal resource available to the public which shows the latest SA legislation.

The website, run by the Oliver R Tambo Law Library and supported by the Constitutional Court Trust, features both the current and past versions of Acts (including the National Credit Act) and other legal resources.

Past Versions

This can be extremely convenient and helpful when trying to find a copy of an Act or related regulations for a particular time or just to save in digital format on your device.

You may need to argue a point in a case that requires you to know what the legislation said at a particular point in time but only able to find the current legislation which has since changed. This site will give you access to the older form of the Act or regulations which were applicable at that date.

Best of all, the site features a search function which can help you quickly locate the desired Act.


Download Legal Resources For Free

Some legal resource sites make you pay to download or make you take a membership in order to be able to download documents. This site does not and thus offers the best value for money (no money since it is free).

Visit The Site:




Need a copy of the National Credit Act in digital format? We’ve got you. Simply click below to get the latest version (as at Nov 2018)

34 of 2005 NATIONAL CREDIT ACT_1 Oct 2018