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Free Access To Cape Town Museums

On Thursday the 21st of February, Cape Town residents will have the chance to access many of the city’s premier museums for free.

Not only will people be able to access many museums for free but the city will be hosting live musical performances, art shows, and walking tours.

When you are living on less, perhaps watching your budget under debt review you may feel a bit cut off from some fun and what everyone else is up to. Well, when the access price to many places is out of reach it can be frustrating.  For a change this month, on the 21st, locals will be able to spend time between 5pm and 10pm enjoying free access to the following museums:

Iziko South African National Gallery

With artworks and centuries old historical pieces and exhibits of South African artists. There will also be two performances held at the gallery on the evening during the event.

Iziko South African Museum

Probably SA’s principal natural history museum, the Iziko South African museum dates back to 1825. Be sure to check out the Whale Well or Wonders of Nature exhibits or alternatively listen to presentation and talks on the night. There will also be face painting and balloon modeling (for your kids, not you silly) at the H2O exhibit. And…dinosaurs…say no more.

Iziko Planetarium and Digital Dome

Africa’s most advanced digital planetarium. Catch the 30 -40 minute demo show. Note that admission will be granted on a first come first serve basis before each show.

South African Jewish Museum

Housed in South Africa’s first synagogue (built in 1863) the museum showcases the history of Jewish culture. Several musical performances will take place on the evening. Bring your SA ID for access.

Cape Town Holocaust Centre

If you have never been then make a plan to visit the sobering displays that show both the horrors but also triumphs of one of the world’s worst moments in history. Don’t forget to bring your ID to enter.

District Six Museum

Visit the old District Six in this museum to get a glimpse of the area in its heyday. Free access from 5pm.

Iziko Slave Lodge

The Iziko Slave Lodge is one of the oldest buildings in the city. The museum focuses on the history of slavery in Southern Africa. The museum strives to raise awareness of human rights and the impact of slavery which was so commonplace in the past.

The Old Granary Building

The now restored Old Granary houses the new Desmond and Leah Tutu Legacy Foundation and showcases the history of the building itself.

SA Sendinggestig Museum

Once home to a congregation of Khoikhoi and slaves who converted to Christianity, the museum is housed in a building from 1801 and showcases the history of both the church and the building.

A4 Arts Foundation

A4 is a non-profit organisation dedicated to supporting art by local citizens.  Check out work by David Goldblatt, a well-known local photographer who will be showcasing: Picture Theory: An interaction with David Goldblatt. There are also two live performances scheduled for during the event.

Muller’s Museum

The display is a real ‘eye-opener’ and features a rather unique optometry exhibition with spectacle frames, memorabilia, clocks, record books and other weird artifacts dating all the way back to 1890. Head up to the 3rd level for the exhibition.

So, if you are tired of sitting at home, feeling that sticking to your budget is dull and boring then why not put on something a little bit fancier and head out to one or more of these museums for some educational and intellectually stimulating fun?