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Free Game

Parents who have entered debt review may feel that their kids are missing out on all the latest games and crazes (OK, basic spinners are fairly cheap). No-one wants to deprive their kids and stop them from having a little fun. Fortunately these days there are lots of options when it comes to free digital entertainment. It might be as simple as “crossy roads” on the phone or even as complex as full free computer games like Star Wars: The Old Republic.

These days many large, well-known brands give away older games in full and for free. No dodgy downloads with viruses. You can now get the games from the makers direct and for free. They know they can’t make money off older games and want to keep their customers happy so they give away older games (why not?).

If you think you or your kid might enjoy a Star Wars themed game you can head over to EA games and check out this and others below:

You can download the game here

FREE STAR WARS GAME DOWNLOAD PAGEstar-wars-wallpaper-republic-old-papers*you do have to download the game on the internet so you need internet and bandwidth etc.

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