Free Stuff in CT If You Are Getting Older

Fancy Some Free Stuff?

If you don’t mind ageing and celebrate your birthday, then you may be interested to know that you can get a bunch of free stuff in and around Cape Town on the day (or that week).


The Two Oceans Aquarium at the Waterfront offers free access on a person’s birthday and the during the whole of that week as well (if you bring your SA ID).

Table Mountain

If you are over 18 and bring your SA ID on your birthday then you can get a free trip up (and down) the Cable Car overlooking Cape Town. They know you will probably not come alone so they don’t mind giving you free access since your family or friends will pay and there is plenty of space on the mountain to put you all.

Red Bus

If you are a little person (5 – 15yrs old) you can get a free tour on the Red Bus on your birthday. You (and presumably your adult minder) can choose from the City Route, Mini Peninsula Route or Downtown Route or if your adult insists, the Constantia Wine Route.

Most Excellent Wheel

Fill in a special birthday form and you will a voucher emailed to you so that you can enjoy a free spin or two on the Cape Wheel situated in the Waterfront. It has its ups and downs but can give you a great view of the city and waterfront area.

Loyalty Can Get You Free Stuff

Many loyalty programmes or cards also offer these free types of bonuses to those who are signed up and many of these loyalty programs are offered totally free of charge to the user. For example, many cinemas offer free tickets on one’s birthday.




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