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Debt Counsellors are able to submit some debt review matters to the National Consumer Tribunal (NCT). The NCT has an online system which can be used to submit documents and save lots of time.

The NCT are offering free training in how to use the system.

Some Debt Review Matters Qualify

The National Consumer Tribunal (NCT) has authority to hear matters about debt review where a consumer is experiencing difficulty or going to experience difficulty and will become over indebted.

As such, some consumers who enter debt review can have their matters put before the tribunal for a ruling that restructures their debts. This ruling has the same authority as other courts in the country.

If a consumer’s matter qualifies to be submitted to the NCT then they have the benefit of potentially lower legal costs as well. This is because anyone can appear before the NCT in regard to a matter. This can be the consumer themselves, an attorney or their Debt Counsellor (with an affidavit/ signed agreement to that effect of course). If they make use of only a Debt Counsellor then the cost can be very low. If they make use of other representitives then other costs may apply.

The Online Case Management System

In an effort to streamline applications and make things easier for Tribunal members and those making debt review consent order applications the NCT has an online system. The system can be used to submit paperwork that the Tribunal can use to hear cases.

Over time new features are being added and small tweaks and changes are made to improve the user experience.

If you would like a refresher or some training on the system then there is some good news as the NCT are hosting weekly training sessions (for free) each Friday midmorning (10am).

To Book Your Spot

To book your slot, you can simply send an email to asking for one. You will be notified of the next available slot (which is likely to be the same week that you email).