Getting the Most Out of Free Games

Free Games

When living on less you are always looking for a cheap way to have fun that won’t break the bank. Otherwise, your whole life can just be about paying off your debt and you can forget to have a little fun and that is not good for you.

Remember to get outdoors and soak up some sun, get some fresh air and hang out with friends. Maybe learn to play an instrument or take up playing chess. Another option is to explore the wide variety of free games on the Google Play store (or similar online shops).

For example, you could try the famous candy crush or if that seems a bit tame to you, then you could explore slightly more involved action based games like Legendary Game of Heros (which is a card collection game mixed with the gem matching play style of candy crush).



Note: If you do want to try out Legendary Game of Heros you can download it here:


Beware: Play for Free

The idea of getting access to these types of games is to save money. So, why would these game makers go to all the expense of making a game and then giving it away for free? Well, many games are free to play but will try to entice you to pay for small in-game advantages. These are called microtransactions‘ and can add up if you start to use them regularly. If you are living on less then you need to make a conscious decision not to start paying to play and focus on just relaxing and having some fun.

Another aspect to keep in mind is that these types of games eat your data so, be data smart and only play when on WiFi or free networks (like at your local library or KFC etc) otherwise it is not really “free”.

Otherwise, if you can avoid spending money you don’t need to and play when you are able to access the internet for free, they can be a great way to have a little fun even when living on less.


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