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Stay on Track In December



December is always a tricky time for consumers. Some drop out of the process due to bad planning and bad budgeting.

How can you help your clients make it this year? 

Over the last 2 years, December payments have been fairly good due to Debi-Check and the Covid-19 pandemic limiting what people would perhaps spend. But with things being a bit more open this year, we may see a bit of a change in consumer behaviour.

We asked Hyphen PDA for some advice to help you keep your clients in the process. Here are just 2 of many points they mentioned:

Step one is to talk to your clients and discuss steps they are taking to stay focused this December. Can they pay earlier?

Step two would be to extend the Debi-Check tracking days (as salaries come in early).

Communication with clients is important throughout the year, but right now would be a wise time to reach out. Help them plan ahead, and not be complacent about their spending this December. Let clients know if you are going to be closed on certain days, or running with a smaller staff compliment over the year end. Whatever you do, keep them informed.

Protect Them From SCAMS

Scammers often target clients at this time of year. So, another tip is to remind clients that the PDAs do not change their banking details, and will never just ask for smaller payments in December.

Consumers can be reminded that the PDAs can be found as Public Recipients or Public Beneficiaries on consumers online banking or apps.


So, if you have not yet done so, reach out to your clients (or PDA) and discuss what steps you can take to help consumers keep on track this December

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