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Debt Review Awards This Friday

How to get the most out of the 2021 Debt Review Awards Show


We wanted to let you know a bit more about the Debt Review Awards Show on Friday this week so that you can make plans for yourself and your staff to watch.

Below you will find some common questions and information to make sure you get the most out of the show (and Pre-Show industry section) this year.


How will I find where to watch the show on Friday?

To find the link to the YouTube show on the day:

1) Check your email – we will email you just before the Pre-Show goes live (email at 10:30am)

2) Visit to find the link at any time during the day.

3) Visit partner sites like to find the link

4) Social Media: We will be sharing the link on Insta, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

5) If you have already subscribed to our YouTube Channel you can go onto YouTube and it will tell you we are live streaming. Or you can search for Debt Review Awards on YouTube and you will find us.

What Time Is the Pre Show?

The Pre-Show begins at 11am and runs until 1:30pm when there will be a break before the Main Show begins at 2pm.


What is in the Pre- Show?

The Pre-Show is actually an important part of the show but is designed more for those who work in the industry, and less for consumers and the media.

If you run a Debt Counselling practice, a legal practice working with debt review matters or a Debt Review department at a credit provider, then the information covered here will interest you.


The Pre-Show includes:

An hour long chat between some of the leading Debt Review attorneys in South Africa, which is going to touch on some of the hottest topics (and perhaps some of the most sensitive) going on in debt review right now – with a legal slant, of course;

A 15min product demonstration from Maximus. If you are thinking about using this software you will be able to find out a lot about what it can do for you.

A look at how to get the most out of DReX. DReX has made dealing with so many credit provider accounts very fast and convenient. Be sure to catch up on how to use it to the fullest.

We have highlights version of the recent Consumer Friend hosted webinar, discussing the State of the Credit Industry with various senior members of credit provider debt review departments (incl. FNB, ABSA, Nedbank and Standard Bank)

We will also get some more previews of the main show (like info on Nominees, a look at our entertainment and more).

There will be a 30 Minute Break between the Pre-Show and the Main Show to allow everyone to take a break, have a snack, get dressed up or just rest their eyes.

Some offices may use this time to organise snacks for the Staff. Please do sanitize, social distance and ensure good ventilation.


What Time is the Main Awards Show?

The Awards Show starts at 2pm and will run until approximately 4pm.

This should allow everyone to still head off home at the usual time.


What will be in the Awards Show?

The Awards Show is suitable for those who are interested in all things debt review. The show culminates in hearing the results of the industry peer reviews.

If you are a Debt Counsellor or a Credit Provider, we suggest putting the phones on redirect or that you consider running a skeleton staff so that most of your staff can log in.


The Main Show Includes:

Starting off with some “edu-tainment” (that is educational entertainment) from Mentalist and Memory Expert Michael Abrahamson, He will WOW you and we will also get to catch up with him again later in the show for some lessons on how to improve your memory (very helpful stuff);

We will find out which individuals have won the ‘Significant Contribution to Debt Review’ Awards as well as the Technology Adoption Award;

A presentation all about the debt review process (and some tips, tricks and advice) featuring many familiar industry faces;

We will get to see and hear from consumers who have completed the process this month;

We are privileged to have a speech from the NCR’s Kedilatile Legodi – Head of Debt Counselling;

We will enjoy a ‘State of the Industry’ update from Benay Sager – of DebtBusters and the National Debt Counsellors Association.

Finally, we will end the Show with the results of the 2020/2021 Peer Reviews.


How Best To Watch The Show

We will be streaming the show out live over YouTube so head over to

Search for Debt Review Awards or subscribe in advance. You can also click on links on or even partner sites like

You will be able to watch it on almost any device (PC, Laptop, Tablet, Phone etc) that has internet access.


Remember, some office computers have restrictions on watching YouTube. So, please discuss this with your IT department or person in advance.

Alternatively, staff can all just watch on their own mobile devices over WiFi.

You could also make arrangements to share screen with all your team from a device that is able to access YouTube.

You could share the show over Teams or Zoom (remember that some phones may get hot after being on zoom for a long time though so, keep this in mind if you are going to all watch the Pre-Show and main show). People could also all watch on their own devices and just chat via whatsapp, teams or Zoom while the show is going on.

Another option (if you are able to do so with social distancing) is to cast the show onto a smart TV that is visible to everyone. Some smart TVs even have a YouTube button. Then just search for us.