Hyphen PDA Registered with NCR

First Payment Distribution Agency Registered with the NCR

Hyphen webHyphen PDA is the first of the 3 NCR recognised PDAs who have been successfully registered with the National Credit Regulator (NCR). PDAs have long been around and espoused by the NCR however it is only recently that they have been captured in the National Credit Act itself (when amended).

PDAs handle the money side of debt review for consumers and assist Debt Counsellors with software to calculate and make proposals with to creditors. PDAs also track the rough repayment amounts as per the court orders and assist consumers in reconciling any payment issues they have with creditors throughout the process.

Recently the PDAs (members of the PDA association PDASA) have been in discussion with the NCR and DTI regarding recent fee structure changes which are binding on NCR registered PDAs. Hyphen PDA is now the first PDA to receive it’s official NCR Certification after completing the rigorous (and expensive) registration process. AS yet there has been no adjustment to the Fee structure as published. It remains to be seen if PDASA will follolw the example of MFSA in taking maters to court in an effort to ensure profitability and sustainability for it’s members.

Congratulations to Hyphen PDA (registered as NCRPDA1).



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  1. Re: Consumer No: xxxxxxxxxx
    MA Oberholzer: xxxxxxxxxxxx
    Ek het Saterdag ‘n sms ontvang dat ons debiet order nie deur is nie, en het van Saterdag af probeer om met Debt Resque te kontak om die bank details te kry, sodat ek die nodige betaling kan doen, maar sodra ek die nommer van Debt Resque skakel, 0861123644, lui die foon en iemand aan die anderkant sit die foon neer sodat ek nie met iemand kan praat en vir die bank details vra nie. Ek het al 2 e-posse aan hulle gestuur, maar kry ook geen antwoord van Debt Resque nie.
    Kan u my asb. so gou moontlik kontak en laat weet wat staan my te doen in die geval?

  2. Please remove me from your data base. I’m being blocked from many opportunities cause I’m on credit review.

    • Hi Sizakele,
      If you see a listing on a credit report that is not accurate then you can simply lodge a query with the credit bureau. They will investigate and then adjust whatever is needed. Every credit bureau has the needed forms on their website.

      Alternatively, if you have been or are under debt review you should first talk to your debt counsellor and then only lodge a query at the credit bureaus.

      • Hi Tandeka,
        You should talk directly to your debt counsellor.
        If you have been discriminated against due to using your rights under the national credit act you can open a case (depending on the situation).
        Your debt counsellor can help you to do that.

  3. My african bank account and that of my husband is giving us problems- according to your statements both accounts are paid off but according to afrucan bank we are stil owing. Kindly follow up on this matter before i end up owing even more. Thank you

    • Please note that a PDA statement is not always 100% accurate (be sure to read their disclaimer on the statement) since credit providers may apply payments to your account on the day after payments are made (or later) and this can change the way interest is calculated. Also, the bank may be adding charges that the PDA are not aware of (and may need to be manually added or removed). Normally there can be up to 3 months payment differences. It is normal. To sort his issue out you should talk to your debt counsellor who will ask the PDA to follow up. (Hyphen may not check this post regularly)

  4. I have recently started paying my first payment under debt review. My worry/concern is my car if it won’t be repossessed by the bank if I fall in arrears due to the fact that the they will be getting less than a normal installment on my car.

    • Be sure to speak to your debt counsellor about that but..the process is a legal one. A court order will help protect your assets. Also your debt counsellor will get written consent (probably) from the vehicle people. They should prioritise payments to the vehicle.

  5. I am soo frustrated to have moved from my dept councillor to Hyphen, my creditors have been calling me non stop and I have been calling Hyphen/credit matters all the do is give me empty promises whereas they are the first on to debit on my salary, now am stressed that my car, and house will be repossessed! am having sleepless nights and I have no idea how am I going to get out this mess!

    • Sounds like you have a credit provider problem and not a debt counsellor problem. (It is not the debt counsellor calling you).

      Why not ask the debt counsellor to provide you with copies of all the correspondence with the credit providers and ask when your court documents will be ready.

      No need to panic. If someone from a credit provider calls simply tell them you “don’t want your voice recorded” and hang up. If they are serious, they will send court documents which your debt counsellor can take care of.

      PS.(remember Hyphen are just the people who handle your payments – they are not debt counsellors)

    • Hi Precious,
      It is normally best if the Debt Counsellor (your debt counsellor) gives that instruction to the PDA>
      Since leaving debt review needs to be done slowly and with written agreements in place between yourself and your creditors (for larger debts left over) it needs to be a slow and cautious process. Beware of rushing too fast.

      Your debt counsellor will walk you through the process.

    • Hi Precious,
      It is normally best if the Debt Counsellor (your debt counsellor) gives that instruction to the PDA>
      Since leaving debt review needs to be done slowly and with written agreements in place between yourself and your creditors (for larger debts left over) it needs to be a slow and cautious process. Beware of rushing too fast.

      Your debt counsellor will walk you through the process.

      • You need to go and talk to your debt counsellor to check if you can actually afford the normal payments and all the arrears which would come due if you left debt review. Please do not assume that you can. You need to spend time with the debt counsellor and get a lot of information from the various credit providers before you think about leaving the process and losing the protection and benefits of debt review.

    • Hi Ntombi,
      It might be better if you talk to your debt counsellor since the PDAs (like Hyphen PDA) only handle the money side of things and not the listings with the NCR.
      If you never signed up for help then you should talk directly to the NCR about your situation.

  6. I have been on debt review for more than 6 years now with *******debt counselling firm. I urgently require a statement to see how much I still owe. Can you hyphen PDA send me a statement?

  7. Ok, here goes, I have been on debt counselling for 8 months. Hypen is the company that does the distribution. However I was retrenched in October last year. Have applied for many Jobs in my field and no luck so far. However i was committed to pay the debt counsellors a certain amount per month which did. However as my earnings are minimal i could only afford to pay for the on car which i own, on a reduced payment. I have been paying as suggested by the debt counsellors to pay directly to the finance company, which i have. Now on thursday the 22.03.18, i received a call from the finance company that the want to reposes the car unless I pay them the Arrears of R 61 000.00, which i do not have. Can an arrangement be made with them or not. If they do not its the only asset that i have left, and that leaves me completely without transport and difficult fr me to work or do anything. What is your advise. Please reply to my email ASAP as time is limited. My Email as sent to you Many Thanks.

    • Hi Chris,
      You need to talk to your debt counsellor (former?). They know your situation best.

      You can stall returning the car etc but your situation is tough. If you are paying the vehicle people according to your debt review restructuring court order then you can probably fight them off and force them to stick to the debt review agreement but it will take legal action to do so which costs funds).

      You ultimately need more income or you will eventually lose the car. You may need to start looking at transport alternatives. Many times you can still get to and from work and around using public transport but it takes a lot longer and comes with a lot of inconveniences (which is a huge mindset change). It means asking for lifts to school for kids and that sort of thing. Very tough.

      Go back and talk to your former DC.
      And remember you only need to give a sheriff of the court (WITH ALL THE RIGHT PAPERWORK) the car AFTER the court case is lost. No one else can just take the car unless you give them the keys.

  8. I received a sms that my debt review would be canceled if I do not pay R8300. I have not received a sms or notification in this regard that my payment/s would be increased. I have been paying over and above the alotted amount and now I am being threatened. What’s up with this type of business. The last person I spoke I to was last year around the same time about the same problem. I will say it again can your company let me know well in advance when the amount is going to go up. Thank you

  9. I received an SMS this morning, saying that we are instructed to debit your account R4850 for distribution of your documents to the credit providers. My problem is that am not aware of that. Please contact me as soon as possible for some clearity please. xxxxxxxxxx

    • Sounds like you recently entered debt review and you will be making use of Hyphen PDA to help you distribute your monthly debt repayments to your credit providers. Chat with your debt counsellor to see if this is the case.

    • Hi Mavis,
      It sounds like the collections agents for Lewis may be the problem. Remember debt review is a legal process that goes via a Magistrates Court and is monitored by the NCR government department.
      It seems more likely that you need additional help from your debt counsellor on how to deal with these collections agents who are harassing you. you can lay a complaint with the debt collectors associations. Your Debt COunsellor can help you with that.

  10. Hi m on debt review with hyphen I’ve tried to contact them but I can’t get hold of them concerning my African account it behind can anyone who has an idea where can I can get hold of them pls give me their contact numbers

    • Hyphen distribute your money for you. They are not debt counsellors.

      I will, however, ask Hyphen to tell you who your Debt Counsellors are. (it will also be on the paperwork you signed and on your court papers as well if you look there).

  11. Hi I have noticed that Hyphen PDA had been paying accounts that were settled. Consumer Credit returned overpayment but Hyphen continues to pay. What is so strange is that even though you can see the money returned from their statement. The statement does not show where it went to once it was returned. I was told by my debt councillor that If I settle the accounts. I will not get reduction in instalment but that money will be distributed to the remaining accounts. Please assist as I am starting to feel like they are fraudulent activities going on at Hyphen.

    • We will help you notify Hyphen PDA as they are normally very quick to sort out any such matters. Interestingly even though it is the PDA who distribute the funds they can only do so according to the instructions loaded onto their system by your Debt Counsellor. So perhaps your Debt Counsellor forgot to click a few buttons (or maybe there is some other complication). If your Debt Counsellor doesn’t specifically direct that those funds are used elsewhere on a particular account it is possible that the funds will be split up among your other credit providers on what is called a “pro rata” basis (relative percentage of overall debt).

      Hyphen PDA are regularly audited by the National Credit Regulator and have a very good reputation so it is doubtful anything bad is going on.

      • Hi Editor, thank you for your response. I have finally been contacted by my debt councillor. They gave me a long list of what went wrong on their side and promised to sort our my queries as soon as possible.

  12. Hi How long does it take to clear your name once you have left Debt Review and what can you do to improve your credit status whilst still under Debt review. I was thinking about paying extra to my creditors even though my Debt Councillor is making monthly payments. Will that make any difference to my credit status.

    • Not really, the credit bureaus have not really got their heads around how to deal with debt review since you are making payments and are paying what is asked every month but they still show you as behind on your old payment obligations (stupid).
      What will happen is when you get your clearance certificate and as you pay up accounts then the credit provider has to instruct the credit bureau to remove the listing (if they don’t, you just lay a complaint).

      To get a good credit score you have to be regularly using credit and paying it back. It is a tilted system…a better score means slightly lower interest rates (if you are too lazy to negotiate when getting credit again in the future). It does not impact on your ability to get credit, however.

      For now, I wouldn’t stress about it.
      Think of a credit score as a marketing ploy by credit bureaus.

    • If you pay more each month it can really speed up the process over time (think snowball down a mountain).
      But don’t pay randomly by yourself without telling anyone. Rather try make the extra payment via your PDA so they can track it.

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