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Podcast Gives Insight Into PDAs

The latest episode of Debt Review With Dummies Podcast gives insights into how PDAs work and how consumers who do use their services* can get the most out of them.

The podcast is all about debt review and mostly interviews people who have successfully been through the process. Occasionally, like in this episode, they speak to people who work in part of the debt review process. If you want to know more about debt review check it out (you will also hear one of the regular presenters who is our Magazine editor).

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Episode 12 of the DWD Podcast is with PDASA and gives insights into how PDAs work.

The interesting episode covers:

PDA fees and if they are expensive, if consumers in debt review should use a PDA*, if Debt Counsellors should use one to work out payment plans and help plan the distribution of consumers’ payments towards their various debts and the episode also covers the role of the PDA association (PDASA) in helping consumers.

There are some interesting insights into this side of things that many consumers do not know much about or even think about.

Since many consumers choose to make use of a PDA is is a good idea to educate yourself about their role and how they really work.




* Consumers do not have to use a PDA. Most do but a small number of consumers do not. Some consumers prefer to handle the payment side of things themselves. Talk to your DC about the pros and cons of using a PDA/not and the costs. Please never pay a Debt Counsellors monthly aftercare fees directly to their bank account and not via a PDA as you may get them into trouble with the National Credit Regulator.