Living on Less Tips (part 2)

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Times are tough and we are all learning to live on less. Each month Debtfree DIGI magazine has a feature called: LIVING ON LESS. Here is a practical tip or two on how you can live on less:

Tip 3

  • Do electronic payments from the account your salary goes into, for saving money, and paying regular monthly accounts, DSTV, municipality rates, rental, insurance premium, medical aid etc. Many banks will give you bonuses such as free transactions from this account as an incentive to put your salary into their bank.


Tip 4

  • Check the debit order costs v. making the payments yourself. If you manually have to make a few payments it might end up saving you a lot each month. Some Debit Orders can cost up to R25. If you have 10 debit orders…R250 could be used elsewhere.

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