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How to get promoted even when economic times are hard

With the economy being so bad you may be in survival mode just trying to keep your job. Can you even dream of a promotion?


What steps can you take to increase your chances of earning a promotion this year?

Upskill Yourself

Building and developing skills that can take you places within your organisation can really help distinguish you from your peers.

First, focus on skills that will help you get your dream position within the organisation. Sometimes these are longer term goals and the skills you aquire may not translate directly into the next step up the ladder but…maybe you can skip that step.

Second, consider what skills will take you up the immediate next step (on your way to your dream job).

‘You will find that you will be more motivated if you are focused on your ‘dream job’

Why do it this way around?

You will find that you will be more motivated if you are focused on your ‘dream job’ and not the stepping stone along the way.

Also, opportunities come along and you may find your dream job (which requires the skills you now have developed) at a different organisation long before the intermediate position becomes available. This way you might skip the stepping stone positions entirely.

Either way, if you focus on your skills rather than just whatever position you fill at your company, you will probably enjoy work more. Every day presents you with opportunities to learn, develop and practice skills that you would like to have.

Just Ask

It might sound cheeky but going to your boss and simply asking what you can do to put yourself in line for a promotion is actually quite clever.

It clearly signals to your boss that you are wanting to take on more responsibility and encourages them to both keep their eye on you and possibly mentor you.

It also, gets you information, from the right person, that you need in order to reach your goal.