Meet Maximus

Maximus To Meet With Debt Counsellors Country-wide

maximusMaximus is a computer system which helps Debt Counsellors run their business and assists with calculating debt repayment plans and preparing documents needed during the debt review process.

Maximus is about to travel the country and meet with Debt Counsellors to show off some of their new features and help Debt Counsellors look at ways to run a more profitable and sustainable business. This is becoming increasingly important as it appears a fee reduction might be on the way from the NCR (in their guidelines). Maximus say they are currently focussing on helping Debt Counsellors with ‘Automation, increased accuracy, absolute process control and time saving.

Maximus are inviting Debt Counsellors (no matter which PDA or system they use) to meet with them and have some breakfast and chat.

All the Dates:

19th February Durban

20th February East London

21st February Port Elizabeth

22nd February Cape Town

26th February Polokwane

27th February Pretoria

28th February Johannesburg

1st  March Bloemfontein

If you would like to meet with other Debt Counsellors in your area and enjoy a breakfast while hearing how you can and should be increasing profitability in your debt counselling practice then, you can email Corrie:


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