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Debt Review Awards

There are some very large Debt Counselling practices where dozens, or even hundreds of Debt Counsellors all work together to help consumers in debt review.

This year the Debt Review Awards category for the very largest Debt Counselling practices in SA is being expanded into National and National (+).


Comparing Similar Practices

The Debt Review Awards Peer Reviews sent to credit providers each year try to group similar practices together so that the credit providers are comparing apples with apples and oranges with oranges.

‘comparing apples with apples and oranges with oranges’

E.G. It is hard to compare a Debt Counselling practice with 1 Debt Counsellor who is caring for 50 clients with a Debt Counselling Practice with 50 Debt Counsellors who are looking after 4000 clients. The two operations are quite different even though the legal process is the same.

The organisers want to the process to be as “fair” as possible and so like to group similar size practices when the results are announced and the top rated practices released.

National Debt Counsellors

For some time the organizers of the Debt Review Awards have grouped all Debt Counselling practices who have over 4000 clients together. This has been known as the National Debt Counsellors category.

The category was first created back in 2016.

Since then more and more practices have crossed this threshold. And these practices continue to grow as they take on books from other Debt Counsellors or take on more clients.  Several have even surpassed 10 000 clients in the years since then.

So, while the pool of such practices is not massive there are now many more practices in this range. 

Suggestions were made by the debt counselling community after last year’s peer reviews ended that perhaps this category could be split or expanded to better compare these extremely large practices.

In an effort to refine and improve the process the organizers agreed that this would be possible.

‘And so the National Plus Category has been born’

And so the National Plus Category has been born. This is a category for the absolute largest practices in the industry. So while everyone over 4000 clients will still be referred to as a National Debt Counselling Practice this sub division now allows for other top candidates to be identified.

Already this has born fruit and this year an additional 5 practices were identified in the National Plus Category.

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Top 10 National Debt Counsellors

The Top 10 rated in the National Category this year have already been announced. Well done to all these practices.

(in Alphabetical Order)

African Credit Union
DC Experts
Debt Co Group
Debt Restruct
My Debt Hero
YMA Consulting
Zero Debt

Top 5 National + Debt Counsellors

A Top 5 in the new National + Category have been announced in advance of the Awards.

Now, normally the Top 5 is only revealed in the different categories on the day but given the unique properties of this smaller group of Debt Counselling practices it was decided to announce the Top 5 straight away this year. Congratulations to these practices.

(in Alphabetical Order)

Debt Rescue
National Debt Advisors 
National Debt Counsellors 

Who Will Be Top Rated?

If you would like to know who among these various practices received the highest aggregated ratings by credit providers this year, you can tune in on YouTube on October 20th.

We will feature links to the show on the Debtfree website homepage (HERE) and it will be live streaming on YouTube (HERE).

You can head over to the website to watch on the official viewing page as well (HERE).

All are welcome to watch!

Industry Specific Pre Show: 12 Noon – 2pm

Awards Show: 2 pm – 4pm

We wish all the nominees the best for the day when just 7 out of the nearly 1700 active Debt Counsellors will be announced as highest rated in their size category, including National and National Plus.