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The National Minimum Wage

As of 1 Jan 2019 the new national minimum wage has been in effect. Here are the basic facts and figures of the Act.

The national minimum wage for each hour worked is R20

Minimum Wage = R20 / Hour

This minimum payment excludes any payment made to the worker for transport, equipment, food or accommodation allowance. It also excludes any room and board included type arrangement.


As with all laws, there are exceptions. In fact, if you are a super cheapskate you can even apply for an exemption.

Farm Workers: 

R18 / Hour

Domestic Workers: 

R15 / Hour

Public Works Employee: 

R11 / Hour

Adjust Those Employment Contracts

If you have a contract with workers in place that has lower rates in place then these have to be adjusted to account for the new national minimum wage.