NCR Debt Counselling Conference 2017

NCR Debt Counselling Conference

The National Credit Regulator (NCR) are holding a conference in Cape Town today. The conference is themed as a ‘Reflection and Celebration‘ of debt review. Speakers at the conference range from Magistrates to Debt Counsellors and the NCR and NCT.

The conference is being held at the Cape Town Lodge, around the corner from large Debt Counselling firm Debtbusters in the heart of the city. Debt Counsellors and credit providers from all over the country are attending and enjoying the chance to network and hear presentations.

Much like at the Debt Review Awards, each speaker has been asked to give a brief review of the last 10 years of debt review and how things have progressed. Speakers have been positive about how far things have progressed and are sharing where they feel things could and should go.



Morris of the NCR acted as chairperson for the day.



Legal experts from the NCR spoke and even touched on Debt Intervention as envisioned in the recent amendment bill. She described it as debt review done by the NCR.



Rob Easton-Berry (Credit Provider) predicts hard times ahead economically for the country. He says Debt Counsellors need to be ready and have systems in place to handle more clients than ever.




The NCT briefly touched on their functions within the framework of the NCA.




Debt Counsellor Alan Manshon looked back at how debt review has changed and highlighted some of the current challenges.




PDASA were represented by DC Partners Herman de Jaager. He begged the NCR to look into the issue of PDA fees and payment turn around times.


Magistrate Nyati called on the NCR to help educate more consumers. She then took some time to discuss applications for debt review locally in the Western Cape. She thanked the NCR for the invite and hopes to engage directly with members of the industry in the near future.




Mr Peter Michaels of the NCR spoke at the end of the day prior to the question and answer session.







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