NCR Debt Counsellor search…chaos

NCR Database problems continue

The National Credit regulator ( NCR ) have a list of Debt Counsellors which consumers and creditors can search through for contact details.

Debt Counsellors are listed on the site using a reference starting with NCRDC and then a unique number.


One DC recently reported that when he searched for a particular DC by unique number he got back 11 different names.

Debtfree DIGI went to the site and tried it out and it is correct.


What a mix up.

This makes the site very unhelpful. Recently the database has come under fire due it’s being out of date with regard to contact numbers. The NCR have made some supposed improvements Another Debt Counsellor tried searching for his own registration number and was surprised to find 2000+ results all starting with the reference NCRDC…


Many consumers are thus turning to other directories like that of theDCI.



The National Credit Regulator





The database can be found here:

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