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NCR Change NCR Debt Help Look

A  design change has recently been made to the NCR Debt Help portal which Debt Counsellors use to capture information about consumers under debt review. Debt Counsellor,s in many cases, go onto the website daily to update the NCR about the status of clients cases. The updated look is much more pleasing on the eye and came into effect a few weeks back.


Here is What it Used to Look like Back in the Past

This is What it Looks Like Now

The new look is much more “up to date” and explains the DHS aspect of the name in greater detail. As in the past, it is labelled a debt relief portal which may come in handy in the future should the NCR get the ‘go ahead’ to begin the debt intervention process and the funds to make that a reality in the upcoming budget for 2020. An impact report released after the President signed the amendment into law stated that the NCR will need over R400 million to help the poor (for the first 8 months before reviews start) rather than the +R150 million or so originally thought by the Regulator during the drafting of the bill.

Debt Counsellors: Don’t Forget!

The DHS system contains all the statistics about consumers applying for help and the work done by Debt Counsellors. In addition to this, the NCR require that Debt Counsellors send them statistics every 3 months on a separate form. The most recent statistical return (completed on the Form 42) is for the quarter 01 July – 30 September and is due on 15 November.