NCR Quarterly Reports Due (15th Feb)

NCR Waiting For Quarterly Reports

The National Credit Regulator (NCR) collects reports about consumers in debt review from Debt Counsellors every three months. These quarterly reports update the NCR on what type of clients the Debt Counsellors have been helping or turned away. From who these consumers are, what field they work in and how much they earn, to their race, gender and how old they are, the reports have information that the Regulator could possibly use to track what is happening in the industry. Debt Counsellors are asked to email Excel spreadsheets to the NCR every few months.

The NCR also has an online database which Debt Counsellors regularly update which is able to give out reports to the NCR instantaneously. This database called NCR Debt Help is able to provide the NCR with the statistics ‘live’ without having to try capture hundreds of spreadsheets from emails.  As yet no button on the system exists which automatically produces the quarterly reports for the Debt Counsellor even though this data is there and readily available. Rather most of the Payment Distribution Agency’s (PDAs) software partners have created easy ways for Debt Counsellors to draw this information and manually submit them to the NCR every 3 months.

The reports for the final quarter of 2018 are now due, as of 15 February 2019.

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