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Debt Help System Webinar

On Tuesday 21st, June 2022 the National Credit Regulator will be holding a webinar all about updating statuses on the Debt Help System.

Debt Counsellors are required to register and track the process of consumers’ debt review on a database system run by the National Credit Regulator (NCR). This helps the NCR keep up to date with each consumer’s debt review journey and draw stats about how the process is working.

It also helps the NCR offer assistance when consumers reach out to them for assistance. For example, some consumers somehow forget who their Debt Counsellor is. By searching under their ID number on the system the NCR is quickly able to help put them in touch with their Debt Counsellor.


Recently there have been some other workshops and webinars on the topic due to the increase in issues around transferring a client from one Debt Counsellor to a different Debt Counsellor on the system. Much of the conflict there relates to requests to move a consumer between Debt Counsellors while the initial Debt Counsellor is still owed some fees for services they have already rendered.

Debt Counsellors specifically are invited to join the webinar (everyone else will find it very boring). The NCR have shared specific links in email invites to Debt Counsellors

Date: 21 June 2022

Time: 10am till 11:30am

Meet via: MS Teams