NDMA Complaint Help

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The NDMA or National Debt Mediation Association offer mediation services to consumers in debt.



The NDMA came into existence around the same time as debt review through the NCA. At the time there were accusations of underhanded motives such as trying to divert consumers away from the debt review or debt counselling process. Previously the NDMA used to be funded by and work for Credit Providers. Most of their funding seemed to come from the Banking Association of South Africa. They attempted to offer mediation services to help consumers and creditors work together and resolve issues.


The NDMA were large proponents of the Voluntary Debt Mediation Solution which was a type of Debt Counselling outside the confines of the National Credit Act which offered only partial protection to consumers. The NCR shut this project down.

The NCR and many in the industry in the past asked how the NDMA could offer unbiased help in view of it’s funding. It was questioned if they would be prepared to bite the hand that fed them. The NDMA have now cut off their funding from Credit Providers in an effort to offer an unbiased service to consumers. They have also begun to offer debt counselling or debt review services (with registered Debt Counsellors).

Contact the NDMA

You can contact their helpline on: ph. 086 111 6362

You can visit their website here: http://www.ndma.org.za/