New FNB Debt Review Head

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FNB Debt Review Centre Gets New Leadership

Things are changing at FNB Debt Review. Former head Athaly Khan is moving elsewhere within the bank and the Debt Review Centre will now fall under the leadership of Kuben Gouden who is CEO of retail collections.

Kuben has been with FNB for several years, since 2012, and knows a lot about the collections aspect of banking. He has served as Head of collections as well as COO for personal loans. As such he has interacted regularly with the Debt Review Department.

Kuben loves technology and has been taking the lead in modernising a lot of the collections processes within the bank. As the new head of the department, he will still be able to rely on Athaly for her experience as she will simply be a phone call away.

Recently some Debt Counsellors have experienced a cooling off of service from the FNB Debt Review centre with turnaround times and resolution of complications taking a lot longer than they had in the past. FNB themselves have mentioned that they are looking for ways to get their service up to their former extremely high level.

We wish both Kuben and Athaly all the best with their new roles within the bank.

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