New NCR PDA Registered

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NCRPDA4 – The Latest PDA

The National Credit Regulator has issued a new PDA registration number to CollectNet (pty) Ltd

A PDA is a payment distribution agent who handles debt review related payments on behalf of consumers under debt review.

CollectNet are based in Gauteng (Centurian) and have been registered as NCRPDA4. They join the 3 existing NCR registered PDAs (Namely Hyphen PDA, DC Partner PDA and NPDA).

Malcolm Povey, who is well known for his long time in the industry at Hyphen PDA, has now moved to CollectNet after a number of months associated with DC Partner. He will now be heading up operations at the newly registered PDA.

Though newly registered the company has been in existence for some time. This is one of the two big stories surrounding PDAs at the moment. Debtfree will bring you the other news story as soon as we can (maybe mid-June) as there are some changes afoot among the industry’s limited supply of PDAs.

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  1. On 2018/03/02 i did send an complaint form about a problem i have with mfc(nedbank) but i still didnt receive any feedback, my debt counsellor also dont help me with my problem

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