New Nedbank Reckless Lending email address

New Nedbank Address

Nedbank have announced that they have added a new email address to their debt review process.

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Nedbank say they are aware that Debt Counsellors need to investigate reckless credit as part of their duties and that Nedbank is not immune from such investigations.   In the past, the requests for credit agreements and information about possible reckless credit followed their normal query process through  They acknowledge that this led to some of these urgent queries getting lost in the volumes.  In order to streamline their process and to try ensure that these requests are treated with the requisite priority, they have now allocated a dedicated mail box to deal with these matters. If you are a Debt Counsellor you will want to add this email address to your spreadsheet of contacts.

Should you require credit agreements or any information regarding possible reckless lending of Nedbank, the address for such requests is now:



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