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Debt Counsellor Workshops

In an ongoing effort to assist Debt Counsellors grow their practices, Debtfree are hosting a series of free workshops for Debt Counsellors.

Free Workshops To Help Grow Your Practice

Running a Debt Counselling practice is not an easy task. 

By its nature, the primary focus of such work is following the legislated process, supplemented by industry “norms”.

But a Debt Counselling practice is also at its heart a business. It needs to be profitable and sustainable to benefit all the clients of the Debt Counsellor.

And the better the practice the more it can do to assist the clients, who in turn can help refer more clients to the practice.

The idea behind the workshops is to help (1) newer Debt Counsellors learn about running a practice and common industry procedures (most of what makes up debt counselling on a day to day basis is not actually in the National Credit Act).

The workshops will also focus on helping (2) smaller practices (under 300 clients) and discussing how they can grow, best practices and strategies.

Finally (3) all Debt Counsellors can benefit from the advice sessions from industry authorities and experts as well as presentations and interview sessions with key personnel at major credit providers and industry role players.

And as always, there will be no charge to attend for those who register in advance.

All That In 30 Min or Less

Time is money so, the workshops are going to be short in length (30min) and normally be composed of 3 segments.

The next workshop will be held on Thursday 18th January 2024 at 3pm.

The weekly webinars will have a limited number of spots so be sure to email: