Why New Years Resolutions Fail

Why Do New Year’s Resolutions Fail?

Reportedly only around 12% of people actually follow through on their New Year’s Resolutions. Most fail miserably and do so within only a few days.

Did You Know: Losing Weight is the Most Common New Year’s Resolution

Be Patient

Most people struggle to keep it up after a few days since they want instant results. Most new year’s resolutions relate to things that take time but foolishly people seem to think that they should begin to see or experience results instantly (for example weight loss after only a few days of starting a diet).

Self Doubt

If you have tried to accomplish a similar goal in the past and failed then you probably doubt your own resolve when you make such resolutions. Without an actionable plan, this doubt will consume you and weaken any resolve to follow through.

Walk The Walk

Sometimes we talk about what we are going to do too much and never actually get around to the doing part of the equation. So less talk and more doing!

Make it Fun

If you don’t make your goals enjoyable or very clear in mind (why are you doing it? What are the benefits? ) then you probably won’t follow through. If you hate exercise at gym, for example; then make sure that you do outdoor exercise (hang, you could even do cross fit if you feel sadistic) like bicycle riding or jogging with friends. Find ways to enjoy your resolution. Substitute something nice for anything you have to forego.

Track Your Progress

If you are trying to reach a specific goal then (1) know your starting point (2) track your progress short term and (3) long-term. Failure to track progress can leave you feeling like nothing is working and that you are wasting your time. This leads many to abandon their resolutions because mostly progress towards many goals is slow and small at a time. Since you probably only notice large changes this means you may be fooled into thinking nothing is changing.

Lack of Support

If you have no one else to help and no one to cheer you on then you will probably fail. Finding a support group and doing things with friends will help reduce this feeling of isolation and will prompt you to carry on even when things get tough.

‘Many of these principles apply to the debt review process as well’

Make Sure You Succeed in Your Debt Review

Getting rid of debt is another of those top new year’s resolutions. Many of these principles (above) apply to the debt review process as well. You need to know why you are doing it (have a clear goal in mind), controlling your spending and making payments regularly. Getting help or support from family and tracking your progress will really help you reach your goals this year.

Make sure you follow through on your resolve to get rid of your debts this year. If you need some help talk to a professional Debt Counsellor who can help you through the courts to get debt relief.






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