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Electricity News

If you are a pre-paid electricity user in Joburg, prepare for an extra R230 service fee from July onwards

While everyone is talking about how Eskom is putting up prices for the electricity we use, people who are on pre-paid in JHB are about to get hit with an extra fee, just for having access.

Many users switched to pre-paid as it was known to be cheaper. Now it seems Eskom want to close that gap, and make pre-paid access less affordable than it was.

And just so you know, Eskom was planning on asking for R550/ month extra, but that was later reduced to R230. In more bad news, there is also a pending 17.9% tariff hike on the actual electricity that may shortly come into effect city-wide and again next year too.

Debt Counsellors and credit providers should take these hikes into account when looking at consumers’ budgets and calculation software like DCRS.