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Old Mutual Debt Review Contact Details

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Old Mutual, like all credit providers, have a department who deal exclusively with debt review matters. They deal with Debt Counsellors and Payment distribution Agencies to assist with the debt review process. They provide information about consumers accounts, help cancel debit orders, consider proposals, deal with legal documents about the court order and follow up on payments from the consumer via the PDA.

Old Mutual Debt Review Contact Details

Below you will find a current list (as of 1 April 2014) of contact details fro various communication channels within the Old Mutual Debt Review department:


Old Mutual Debt Review Queries: OMFDebtReview@oldmutual.com

or call: 021 533 0047 (Option: 1)


Old Mutual Debt Review application notifications, 17.2 Notices and COB requests
(Form 17.1 & 17.2 by Debt Counsellors):  DRApplications@oldmutual.com

or call: 021 533 0047 (Option: 1)


Old Mutual Debt Review Debit Order cancellations and Refund requests: DRRefunds@oldmutual.com

or call: 021 533 0047 (Option: 2)


Old Mutual Debt Review Proposals: DRProposals@oldmutual.com

or call: 021 533 0047 (Option: 3)


Old Mutual Debt Review legal correspondence (Notice of Motion/Court Orders) & Reckless lending matters from Debt Counsellors and Attorneys: CourtDocuments@oldmutual.com

or call: 021 533 0047 (Option: 4)


Old Mutual Debt Review payment related matters & schedules: DRPayments@oldmutual.com

or call: 021 533 0047 (Option: 1)


Old Mutual Debt Review Terminations: DRTerminations@oldmutual.com

or call: 021 533 0047 (Option: 1)

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You can download this list on Old Mutual’s official letterhead along with their permission to send legal documents to the address shown here:

Old Mutual Debt Review Consent Document

22 comments on “Old Mutual Debt Review Info

    • Hi Noli,
      You never should pay the Debt Counsellor directly (be careful if they ask you to especially up front…then watch out. Check that they are proper registered debt counsellors).
      Your payment is normally done via one of the 3 registered PDAs (Payment Distribution Agencies).

      So, you make one payment to the PDA (easy for you) and they split your money up to all your creditors in the right small amounts each month (the complicated stuff).

    • NO.
      Once you decide to leave debt review (preferably when your debts are paid up) you go back to normal credit use based on what you can afford each month and your credit score.

  1. I applied for debt review with debt care;assesment done and final instalment given,did debit order for PDA then my credit providers collected money from my account and the stop order debited,the bank did not reverse the money.How can this type of issue be solved

    • You can go to your bank and reverse all the debits the bank took (other than your debt review one).
      You can also ask to do a (paid) “stop payment” which will prevent specific debit orders from being paid (just NOT the debt review one).
      Also your Debt Counsellor can ask the credit providers for the money back (which takes some time…but will eventually be done).
      Your credit providers are used to just taking the money and they can be slow about sorting out their processes.
      Keep up the good work!

  2. I voluntarily went into debt review because of financial setbacks. At the time, I was (and still up-to-date) with all my debts (instalments, etc.). In the meantime I lost a job in the financial services industry. Can the financial services industry refuse me a job due to my being under debt review?

    • As with every job it can happen depending on who is reviewing your application. Hopefully, it will not but there is a risk that they could discriminate.
      There are several court cases however that show that Debt Review is not like insolvency.

  3. I cancel my debt review , Icall several times for a statement from oxygen no came back to me,I wait 2months for the statement so that my union can pay my debts. I want to clear my name all i want is the amount of oxygen so that i can go to the ather creditors and that i also can pay them. please can you give me an answer

    • If you have asked for information then you should (1) go to their office and get the info or (2) clal repeatedly until you get the info. Remember however that your PDA track your payments through debt review. They would have supplied you with a rough figure each month UNDER THE DEBT REVIEW ARANEGEMENT. when you leave debt review suddenly half way through the figures change back to the old contract rates meaning that you will owe A LOT MORE Than you did under debt review.

      Also because you leave debt review and do not pay the debt counsellor for services they may simply not supply you with any services if they choose to (since you are not paying them).

      Each credit provider should now recalculate your debt and supply you with new (higher) figures.

      I hope you are able to cope with the new higher payment amounts and debt.

  4. Good day, I have a TFG account which it was handed over to SSDA for collection. TFG then referred me to their sister company for payment of which I paid off the account in full in November 2018.

    But for some strange reason the very same TFG account was with DMC, they called requesting that I pay the account. I told them the account was paid off through Metro Collect/SSDA, 7 I then send them the settlement letter from SSDA/Metro.

    It`s been 3 month now since the account was closed but my name still appears on the bureau as unpaid under SSDA & DMC. Kindly see if you can assist me since the account was paid off & did send the settlement letter to TFG & DMC.

  5. I did withdraw my services with debtors conseller and i did pay off my debts how do i get removed from debtors review

    • You need a Debt Counsellor to get things sorted out when you leave debt review. Did you stop paying for their help before your debts were all paid up?

  6. Good day

    I voluntary joined the debt review with hope it help me to not loose my belongings but I was mislead, The promise to cut down of costs(monthly payments) and interests was just a myth. The debt counselor send me payment plan/ a proposal which wasn’t agreed to with the creditors,then what the creditors did was minus that fee they pay them form the initial agreement installment and put the balance in arrears, after 6 months all the 4 accounts were in arrears, the creditors started to harass me, they called,came with letters to show they cancelled the process and to take what is theirs.

    When I contacted the counselor, was told the proposed plan will never lend me a court order to protect me and so on, I need to increase my monthly fee that I pay to them.The new proposal they have send me was no much different with me paying my creditors directly. I then requested to cancel the whole process, of which I thought I did.

    I then arranged with the creditors to pay all the arrears I accumulated thought the process and now paying them directly. I was in the process with the counselor for around 9 months ,My circumstances that made me to apply for this have changed. I am now earning dribble the amount I was when I applied for this process but I haven’t settled my debts of yet. the challenge I am having is that I am still entitled under debt review even after cancelling with the debt counselor and directly paying my debts and is been over a year now .How do I get out of this system?. Where can I get help?

    • You can get the credit bureaus to remove the listing by paying up all your debts in full in the near future hopefully and asking a debt counsellor at that point to give you a clearance certificate. This is sent to the credit bureaus to get them to remove the listing.

      by the way, did you know that even if credit providers say they cancel their participation in debt review they can simply be ordered back into the debt review by a court?


    • Once you enter the process you have to pay off your debts…Once you have paid up your debt one day you can get the credit bureaus to remove the status on your credit report (it makes little difference now since you cannot afford more debt anyway). Keep going. Pay off your debts as best you can over the next few years!!!

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