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Time & Money

When entering debt review, one way the monthly obligations (how much you have to pay) can come down is by making arrangements to pay over a longer time period.

This is very helpful and makes your monthly debt repayment much more manageable.

But the longer you repay debt the more chances there are for things to go wrong.

So, your Debt Counsellor will try balance what you need with how much you can afford to pay to try get you out of debt as soon as possible.

Beware Strangers

If someone else calls from a different Debt Counselling practice or saying they offer debt mediation (or something like that) and offers to get you even lower instalments, this would have to mean repaying debt for even longer.

They may not mention that at first. But we know that longer repayments over many more months increases the risk something can go wrong.

Please be cautious of such offers. If this happens speak to your Debt Counsellor first and see what they have to say about the offer (it might even be a scam).