Petrol Pump

Petrol Set to Jump Over R15/Litre

Petrol Price To Jump In June

Global oil costs are going up which normally means that we end up paying more for fuel locally as well. Gradually the price of fuel (as always) has been creeping higher and higher.

Tensions in the Middle East as well as, other international political and price controlling factors are all pushing the worldwide fuel costs higher.



Turns out Prince Harry and Meghan were being wise to ride a horse carriage back from their wedding on the weekend. Good money saving tip. Thanks Royals.

Now with the Rand not doing as well as it has been against the Dollar, SA commuters are in for a harsh shock as petrol prices will zoom past the R15/litre mark to as much as R15.50 a litre.

‘The AA … predicts a 74 Cent increase for petrol’

The AA (Automobile Association)  predicts a 74 Cent increase for petrol and around 80 Cents for both diesel and paraffin during June. Brace yourself as this will undoubtedly influence all transported goods and services as well as hit you in the pocket when you go to fill up in June.


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