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Petrol Price Drops

Drivers are relieved that instead of the monthly increase in fuel prices they will now enjoy a petrol price drop this month.

Petrol (95 unleaded) is dropping by R1.02

Petrol (93 unleaded) is dropping by 89c

The price of Brent crude has dropped dramatically but unfortunately, the Rand has been taking a serious beating from the US Dollar. At the start of September 2022 it was at R17.17 to a Dollar but dropped to over R18 to a Dollar during the month.

Diesel users will find little relief for the moment until the global demand drops. The demand relates to what is happening in Europe as the EU exports petrol but imports diesel. Normally they import from Russia but due to sanctions that is not currently happening. So this has put pressure on other places (like SA) to compete for the same supply.

Due to recent challenges with the trail system locally, more trucks are carrying cargo and this is also driving up the demand locally for diesel. So, for now it looks like the deisel users will have to wait a little longer for a reprieve.

Even aeroplanes were facing some stressful times as there was a brief local shortage of needed fuel until the recent docking of a delivery tanker which had been delayed at sea.

It will be a welcome relief for many drivers to pay just a little bit less for their next fill-up at the petrol station this month.