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MFC & Nedbank Emails

The old MFC debt review matter emails have now been decommissioned. So, please don’t send them emails any more.

The change follows the successful integration of systems between MFC and Nedbank. Everything is now being handled through one contact system.

Nedbank logo

What Does This Mean?

MFC and Nedbank have asked that all debt counselling process related documents be submitted to:

This is their centralized mailbox and can accept emails about Nebank matters or MFC matters. If you have queries about Nedbank or MFC matters then you can email:



another option is to reach out by phone to the call centre on:

0860 109279

MFC have asked that when dealing with matters you please do not cc both these addresses (shown above) and cc the old MFC addresses. This will just cause extra emails bouncing all over the place for no real benefit.

If you do make a mistake and email the old MFC email addresses then you will just get automated responses. 

For Escalations

We all know that sometimes things need to be escalated due to complications or the intricate nature of a matter. If this is the case then here is the current escalation process (for both Nedbank and MFC):

First Escalation:

Second Escalation:

Final Escalation: