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Podcast About Debt Review

If you enjoy hearing all about how debt review helped people successfully deal with their debt then you will love the Debt Review With Dummies Podcast.

Get Smart By Learning From Others

A year ago two of our favourite “Dummies” Corrie & Zak began interviewing consumers about their debt review experience.

They say that they want to “get smart” by talking to people who have been through the process.

The interviews are available as a podcast called: Debt Review With Dummies. It can be found on

The various episodes feature people from all walks of life who have successfully used the process to get out of debt and improve their lives.

If you are a young professional, a single mom, a divorcee, a public figure or have been thinking about starting debt review for a long time, many of the episodes will resonate with you. It can be very interesting to hear from others whose circumstances are similar to your own and see how debt review helped them.

Helping Overcome Fear Of The Process

Many consumers hesitate to enter debt review because they fear they are making a mistake in trying to get out of debt (instead of trying to use more debt to sort out their problems).

This is understandable because it is new and unknown to them.

One of the things that the podcast does is give you insight into how it has worked for other people and whether they thought it was easy or hard.

Their experiences can help you make an informed decision about entering debt review.

For those already in the process it is nice to hear from others like yourself but who have now come to the ned of their journey to become debt free. It can help you stay motivated when sometimes you feel like giving up.

Get Motivated

If you would like to hear some of these motivating stories head over to:

The podcast is also available on Spotify, Apple Podcasts and Google podcasts.