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Protect your clients’ financial future with our specialised Credit Life  Insurance products made for the Debt Review industry


 Professional service & client satisfaction.

 Quick turn-around time & clear feedback.

 Competitive commercial agreements.

 Comprehensive product & easy switching.

 Expert Broker Services.


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A Solid Partnership to Help You & Your Debt Review Clients Out When They Can’t Pay

Are You Looking For:

  • A comprehensive Credit Life Insurance (CLI) product and policy customised to your (and your Debt Review clients’) expectations?
  • Impeccable service to take care of your industry needs?
  • Clear, regular and open communication?
    A service-orientated & smooth facilitation process with your clients?
  • A product and service provider that genuinely understands your clients’ needs rather than offering a ‘commercial agreement’?

Then Look No Further

CreditGuard CLI has taken care of Debt Review consumers’ payment needs since 2016.

And, here at CreditGuard, our focus revolves around trusted, considerate client care service & quality products, systems and technology to ensure mutually beneficial and lasting partnerships.

CreditGuard’s comprehensive CLI policy/product allows you to:

• Switch from current CLI providers quickly and effortlessly because it covers your clients’ risks better, for less.

• Add unique and specific requirements to your CLI product since our team offers the flexibility you (and your clients) may require.

Our industry and brokerage experts understand that
life can take unfavourable turns even during the
Debt Review process.

With this, we promise to take care of your Debt Review clients and their debt repayment responsibilities when their lives have changed in such a way that they are unable to service their
current payments.

Contact the CreditGuard team today to get you sorted and your clients covered.

Siyavika Risk Solutions – FSP 44999 / Guardrisk Life Limited – FSP 76.