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Rate Hikes In July

Around the country, new higher rates and charges will be coming into effect placing already strained consumers under added pressure. Although the price increases will vary slightly from place to place, the one consistent feature is that people will be paying more for services.



From the 1 July, the City of Johannesburg is increasing how much residents have to pay for basic services such as electricity, water and sanitation 

The coming rates increases for 2021/22, were announced in May. Here is what residents can expect:

Electricity: An extra 14.59%

Water & Sanitation: An extra  6.80%

Property rates: An additional 2%


The Mother City

Cape Town Residents can look forward to similar increases:

Electricity: An extra 13.48%

Water & Sanitation: An extra  5%

Property rates: An additional 4.5%


If you are struggling to keep up with the increasing cost of these basics then you should talk to a professional NCR registered Debt Counsellor for some advice.