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Debtfree Magazine has been produced for years and years. We have plenty older issues with advice and interviews in them you will find educational and informative. Click on any of the pictures of the magazines below and you will be taken to one of our archives where you can read past issues. Each one is crammed with Debt Counselling and Debt Review stories and advice.
(You can even have a nice shelf of past and present issues like this on your site if you want)
What Will You Find In Each Issue Of Debtfree Magazine? 
Debtfree Magazine is designed to keep you up to date with all the news to do with debt review and debt counselling. Big and small. The debt review industry is constantly changing and new situations are coming up each month that consumers, attorneys and Debt Counsellors need to know about.
What Kind of Debt Counselling News? 
We interview Credit Providers who run debt review departments in house to assist consumers and Counsellors, as well as, Debt Counsellors who are running debt review practices around the country. We ask them how they are making a success of their business and what challenges they face. We also like to report on the funny side of debt review. The “funny side” you ask? Yes, even with something as serious as settling your debt, through debt review, strange and wonderful situations develop. We let you know about any new trends among courts & credit providers and also feature news about the National Credit Regulator and DTI.
What Else?
Every month we also provide a list of service providers who are experts in their field who might be able to help you in our service directory section. Debtfree also covers some of the more dangerous situations that can come up and provides consumers and Debt Counsellors with warnings about any ‘bad’ or ‘naughty’ trends in the market. We keep a close eye on the National Credit Regulator and help update readers on upcoming debt review events. Sometimes Debt Counsellors can’t get to these events so we also provide summaries and reviews of events. Basically, we try to offer you a comprehensive look into the world of debt counselling and debt review from the process itself to what is happening in the courts and with the lawmakers.
Living on Less
Debtfree also looks at how consumers who are under debt review can still have fun and live well while keeping an eye on their finances. The magazine is available online at no cost to our readers. Read it, enjoy it and keep trying to get debt free.
Want to know more about Debt Counselling and Debt Review?
Well, then you need to read Debtfree Magazine,SA’s Debt Counselling and Debt Review industry magazine: Debtfree