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Scammers Preying on the Vulnerable

Scammers are running around offering SASSA Loans or Social Grant Loans trying to convince vulnerable people these are legitimate. Beware!

SASSA Doesn't Offer Loans

Scammers are using the SASSA brand or the words Social Grant in fake loan scams.

Many of the scams involve getting consumers to pay a fake fee upfront before the loan can be accessed. Then the scammers run away and the consumer gets nothing. These are commonly offered on social media or over a messaging platform (like Whatsapp).

Other fake offers that use these catchphrases are actually just offering illegal loans where they then take the consumer’s SASSA card or ID or bank card as collateral and charge illegally high interest rates. Such individuals are just illegal loan sharks and will not be registered with the National Credit Regulator.

Any such fake offers can and should be reported and the police and NCR can assist.